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Cover for your family against the unforeseeable risks with easy term plans and low premiums.

Our life is full of uncertainties and when can one meet an unpleasant situation, can't be predicted! Unforeseeable life-threatening accidents are not under one's control. But one can ensure a suitable financial support for the left-alone dependents.

Along with life-risk covers and death benefits, the Insurance plans also have additional benefits like tax deduction and guaranteed income with the best returns on the investments which no other investment plans can give. One can also seek a loan on his insurance policy- a complete win-win!

Choose from the several available insurance plans with Deal4Ask and get the best one for your needs and budget. Our skilled and professional executives will be happy to assist you at all steps of the process and will provide the best financial advice for your benefit. As the process is completely internet-based; access the services anytime from the location, time and the device you are convenient with.

Deal4Ask Factor:

  1. Fast Process: The user-friendly interfaces developed for the robust system enable the clients to easily access our all services and explore the best plans.
  2. Best-in-class services: Large cover at affordable premiums
  3. Trustworthy Claims Ratio: (XX.yy)% claims reimbursed in FY 22
  4. Comprehensive Protection: Death, dismemberment, and various critical illness and medical emergencies are covered by Deal4Ask.
  5. Unbiased Consultation: To get the best for our clients and enable them to effectively manage the finances and secure the future, we, with our rich expertise, provide the best possible consultation, prior to the policy finalization.

Why Insurance

Out of our control, unforeseeable unpleasant situations can arise anytime making one feel completely helpless. But to mitigate the impact and indemnify the finances, an Insurance Plan comes as a rescue.

The life-risk covers and death benefits provide a good amount and safeguard the interests of grief-struck persons financially.The insurance schemes also provide financial perks and the best ROI, which no other investment can yield. With such assured income, tax benefits under Sec. 80C of IT Act are also availed with this instrument. One can also claim for a loan on his insurance policy.


1.How can I file a claim under the policy?

In case of the death of the insured, claim intimation must be sent to the concerned service provider ASAP.

In case of maturity, we will send the intimation along with the discharge voucher two months prior to the date. The signed voucher and the policy bond are required to be sent for the claims.

Amount received as death benefit is eligible for tax exemption under section 10 D of the Income Tax act. While the amount received on maturity may be or may not be tax exempted, depending on the instrument purchased. Section 10 D of income tax act must be looked up before purchasing the policy as the different plans have different regulations.

After the scheduled date, a grace period is provided but if that period is also missed then the policy will lapse. The procedure to reinstate/revive the lapsed policy, after some time, is provided to holders in the form of written guidelines.

Explore the various insurance and ULIP plans and get to know the best policy for your needs. Different plans have different criteria and the leading edges, so settle with the best-suited policies and ensure a brighter future of your loved ones.

Comparison of Different Types of Life Insurance Plans:

Life insurance has changed from being a luxury to a necessity, and it now plays a crucial role in how smoothly our lives go. Although the country's life insurance penetration has not yet kept pace with its population, hundreds of new people enroll in various life insurance plans every day. Selecting the appropriate sort of insurance is one of the most difficult aspects of life insurance, and with so many alternatives available from different firms, it wouldn't be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with them to become perplexed.

The table below will highlight and compares key aspects related to the different types of life insurance policies in India:

Parameter Term Plans Whole Life Insurance Endowment Policies Unit Linked Insurance Plans Term Return of Premium Plans Pension/Annuity Plans
Overview Life Insurance at a Fixed Price for a Specific Period Protection for Lifetime, or coverage under the policy until you turn 100 years old Protection plus returns that are assured to reach 6.5% Investments across a range of asset classes plus protection (Market-linked, debt, money market etc) At the conclusion of the Policy Term, paid premiums are returned. monthly pension to cover post-retirement costs
Policy Term Range(in years) 5 years to 85 years Until 100 years old 5 years to 35 years 10 years to 20 years 5 years to 65 years Entire life
Maturity Benefits Only if the Return of Premium option is selected is the Maturity Benefit accessible. Plan matures when you reach the age of 100. Yes, when the policy's term expires. Yes, when the policy's term expires. Benefits of Survival on Maturity regular earnings until "survival"
Death Benefits(to beneficiary) Life Cover Life Cover Sum assured Sum assured Life cover Offered by few plans
Ideal For People who want family financial security at a reasonable cost to leave their family a legacy Secure and assured return on investment for stress-free planning a portfolio of investments with strong yields and life insurance Life Insurance and a Guaranteed Benefit Upon Maturity to guarantee retirement through a steady income.

*Note – The term varies from plan to plan, with the numbers mentioned above reflecting an overall average.

Top Reasons To Buy Insurance Online

This revolutionary advantage of being able to buy insurance online is perhaps one of the best gifts on the e-commerce wave that has helped consumers. Here is why:

Demographic factors such as young insurable population, growing middle class and growing awareness of the need for protection and retirement planning will support the growth of Indian life insurance as well as expanding rise of the Internet is contributing to the industry and it is the perfect time for people to take advantage of the competitive aspects of the industry at this time.

All transactions, application processes, status updates and checks can be done online allowing you to save time and effort that is wasted otherwise if you visit a bank or meet an agent.
Online insurance policies are generally quoted at lower premiums against offline ones. This is due to the fact that the insurance company saves money and time on distribution costs, infrastructure and other overheads, hence passing the savings to the policyholder.
One of the main attractions of buying insurance online is that the consumer by large learn, research, share and compare all the various insurance companies that are currently in the market. There is no requirement to hurry on a purchase and instead take time to come with a highly informed decision. Individuals can simply browse various online plans, compare features and review crucial parameters to understand the performance of the plan and the insurance company.
Buying online allows the consumer to enjoy a high level of flexibility as they themselves are taking control of every aspect of the insurance application, transaction or sustenance process starting from research and shortlisting of potential products to form filling to making premium payments.
Most insurance company portals are intuitive and engaging. So people can choose a policy, fill up the application form online, choose supporting documents and submit (upload) them through an easy and secure user interface. This rids people of the hassles of creating document photocopies, seeking certificates or the burdensome couriering of documents.
You get access to opinions about products through online reviews, opinions in forums, suggestions and consider various unbiased perspectives about plans and the insurance company you are planning to buy from.
Most claims are rejected because incorrect or incomplete details submitted during form filling. Also, in several instances where the insured is not sure about the nature of the policy and the expected returns. You can download and view all the policy features and clauses with just a few clicks online.
Since the customer has the freedom from depending on a particular person or agency, there is no uncertainty about your role and responsibility. Paying premiums or updating/ seeking information simply requires a few clicks or a phone call.
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