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Apply for Loan Against Property

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Loan Against Property Eligibility

So, the usual eligibility criteria to avail the LAP are: A borrower should be a citizen of India. The minimum age at the time of submitting or applying for a LAP application should be 21 years, and the maximum age is 65 years at the time of loan maturity.

If your property is sitting idle, and you have a necessity of additional funds, then you can unlock the value of your property. We know that the necessity of additional funds over and above one’s income and savings is a common phenomenon, especially with the rising requirements. Sometimes you can have a sudden need for money in an inflation period and that too in a limited time. Well, a borrower can opt for LAP i.e. Loan against property-it’s a secured form of a loan, borrowed from financial institutions against your property that is owned or under home loan obligation. Banks or NBFC’s evaluate your property to ascertain its current market value, and a certain percentage of this value is disbursed in the form of a loan, also known as Loan to Value Ratio (LTV). So, when you apply for a Loan against property, a borrower gets to leverage the worth of his or her commercial or residential unit while continuing to enjoy the occupancy of the same.