Home Loan Eligiblity

Bank Name Interest Rate Emi (per Month) Eligible Loan Amount
ICICI Bank 8.35% - 8.80% Rs.16386 - Rs.16931


HDFC Ltd 8.35% - 8.55% Rs.18210 - Rs.18478

Rs. 2121487

SBI 8.30% - 8.60%
Rs.20833 - Rs.21294


FedBank 9.57% - 9.82% Rs.27266 - Rs.27744

Rs. 2910844

DHFL 8.35% Rs.17918

Rs. 2087470

LIC Housing 8.35% - 8.80% Rs. 21808 - Rs. 22371

Rs. 2540650

Bajaj Finserv 8.85% Rs.18693

"Rs. 2100100

PNB Housing Finance 8.35% - 9.25% Rs.17911 - Rs.19111

Rs. 2086681

Axis Bank 8.35% - 8.75% Rs.16386 - Rs.16870


Allahabad Bank 8.55% - 8.65% Rs.17420 - Rs.17547


Shubham Housing Development Finance Company 12%-14%(For Salaried) - 15%-17%(For Self-employed) Rs. 22,022-Rs.24,870(For Salaried) - Rs.26,336-Rs.29,336(For Self-employed)


Union Bank of India 8.75% - 8.80% Rs.17,674 - Rs.17,738


Bank of India 8.55% - 8.60% Rs.17,420 - Rs.17,483


Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited 8.35% - 8.80% Rs.17,167 - Rs.17,738


Corporation Bank 9.60% Rs.18773


L&T Housing Finance 9.90% Rs.19168


Home Loans Eligibility Factors

Home Loan is an easy option for buying a house, but getting the required and apt amount depends upon many factors. Below are some important factors, which play a vital role in deciding the loan amount.

Monthly Income

Your monthly income will determine the chances of returning the loan and timely payments of EMIs. If you are salaried person, your monthly income and if you are self-employed, in that case your annual profit would decide your home loan maximum eligibility.

The loan amount basically depends upon the net income of an individual. Most of the banks lend a home loan upto 60 times of an individual's net income. For instance, if your take home salary is Rs. 30,000, you are eligible to get a loan of around Rs.18 lakhs

Other EMI

This EMI is the monthly EMI, which you have already taken from any bank and and now you are still repaying it.

Available Income

It is considered on the amount left with you after deduction of any EMI amount that you are currently paying for any kind of loan. Your Home Loan Eligibility will be calculated after deductions of the EMIs that you are paying.